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Christofle… A modern spirit

Jewelry Collections
Christofle continues its successful venture into the world of jewelry with four new silver collections for the Fall-Winter season.

Elegant, feminine and modern, these collections were envisioned by talented designers like Adeline Cacheux and Nathalie Jean, with whom Christofle, as dedicated as ever to creation, has cemented its ties. A newcomer this season is Violaine Febvret.
In a style reminiscent of the Art Deco movement, Christofle jewelry is infused with a myriad of modern influences, ranging from simple, structured forms to graphic, elegant outlines. The volume, simplicity and fluidity of these architectural gems all contribute to their palpable harmony. These forward-thinking designers delight in playing with the variable geometry of half-disks, half-spheres, squares and circles, instilling the entire collection with a distinctly Cubist spirit.

From the subdued sophistication of daytime jewelry to the glamour and intrigue of evening wear, Christofle’s new collections are synonymous with the natural elegance of silver, its alluring reflections and luxurious feel. Cuff bracelets, necklaces, chains and earrings are an integral part of Christofle’s highly structured jewelry lines. Each piece reflects a subtle equilibrium of line, form and material that pays tribute to the single, unwavering quest for utter modernity.

"Gem Gem", designed by Nathalie Jean
Necklace, pendant, chain bracelet and earrings
In the wake of the triumphant "Pythagore" collection launched in January 2009, Nathalie Jean's second line for Christofle features an almost mathematical quality that is offset by an airy, extremely feminine touch.
The "Gem Gem" collection takes a playful poke at the traditional codes of fine jewelry as if to mock its conventional solemnity. Presented in multiple facets, the diamond motif, deprived here of its volume, becomes a testament to simplicity. This motif exudes a poetic character and "solid silver" hallmark, which seems to wink at the stereotypes of ostentatious luxury.
The long earrings, highly ornamental necklace and fine, lacelike silver markings are surprising and romantic. The overall effect is a testimonial to the virtuosity of silver craftsmanship that brings to mind ornaments fit for modern-day princesses.

"Attractive", designed by Adeline Cacheux
Simple necklace, plastron necklace, pendant, bracelet and earrings
The creator of some of Christofle's most iconic jewelry, Adeline Cacheux, presents her newest collection, "Attractive". This seasoned designer will debut a flexible cuff bracelet as an addition to her best-selling "Les Enchaînés" collection.
The new "Attractive" collection is made up of a series of stacked silver half disks, which appears to undulate upon the skin. The sensual, yet subtle geometry of the motifs infuses the silver with a sense of movement and grace.
An eye-catching, voluptuous silver necklace and an elegant circular bracelet are the masterpieces of this collection, adroitly mixing both Art Deco as well as various other artistic and cultural influences.

Beauty of movement, beauty of matter 

Haute Orfèvrerie Collection

Urban Facet”, design Karim Rashid
Vase and Bowl/Centerpiece
An unprecedented and triumphant collaboration between American designer Karim Rashid and Christofle offers up a truly sensual and emotional experience. Karim, one of the biggest names in international design, combines his Pop Art-like world with Christofle’s knowledge of silvercraft to create two monumental pieces, a vase and bowl that are functional works of art.
Fashioned as exclusive pieces from Christofle’s Haute Orfèvrerie workshops, Karim designed the vase and bowl with ultra-modern lines and unique, geometric shapes. To produce these two exceptional creations, the designer called upon the elite technical skills of Christofle’s master craftsmen, many of whom are “Meilleurs Ouvriers de France,” the highest and most prestigious honor for silversmiths in France. The artist created these pieces with the belief that the ultimate purpose of design should be to embellish and further beautify our environment.
The beauty of Karim’s designs is channeled through the exquisiteness and quality of the craftsmanship.
Silver building: Vertical and commanding in presence, the vase rises up like a futuristic re-imagining of urban architecture. The angled, ultra-polished and mirrored facets are etched into the silver like sleek, modern windows.
Silver leaf: The bowl, or centerpiece, feels like an organic representation of a leaf’s architecture. The vein-like markings on the silver invite an exploration of its hidden stems, shapes and angles.
Christofle Silver, planished and shaped by hand, each piece is enhanced by a gleaming mirror-like finish.
Limited series of 20 signed and numbered pieces.
Of Egyptian origin, Karim Rashid lives and works in New York. Produced in over 35 countries, thanks to his many designs, and the winner of over 300 awards, he is one of the most prolific designers of his generation. His award-winning designs include spectacular lamps for Artemide, furniture for Magis, high-tech products for LaCie and Samsung, and luxury goods for Veuve Clicquot and Swarovski… His designs, immediately recognizable by their pop art colors and forms, are featured in the collections of over twenty museums around the world and also regularly exhibited by leading international art galleries.

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